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Julie graduated in Modern Languages and worked for 9 years in the Charity Sector before taking a break for family.  She joined Barnabas as part-time Administrator in 2006 providing ongoing support to the Board and our team of trainers.  She lives in Chichester with her husband and daughter and is also a Reader in the Church of England.

BCT is about Learning...  Our courses are interactive, illustrated and dynamic, bringing a freshness and warmth to learning which is both educative and enriching.  We provide quality training where people can learn in an atmosphere of enjoyment, stimulation and encouragement.  For some of our students it is many years since they last produced a piece of academic work, and we aim to guide them through the requirements of the course with support and structure to enable them to meet the goals and enjoy the journey.  The course structure enables students to stop at any level, or continue through Levels 2 and 3 to a Diploma.  For those students who wish to practise as trained counsellors, the standards we set can ultimately provide them with a qualification to be proud of, meeting academic requirements set by industry standards.

BCT is about Living...  As Christians we want our courses to be grounded in faith and not just a means to an end.  Many of our students report that the training has been life-changing, and that they have found profound shifts in their thinking and lifestyle, deepening their relationships with others.  Our aim is that BCT training courses will be challenging and enable students to work through issues in their own lives.  The more healed we are as counsellors, the more use we are to clients, and all courses carry an element of personal work; at Diploma level this includes a requirement for individual therapy for all students over the two year span of the course.

BCT is about Leading...  The Board of Directors represents a wide range of experience and knowledge.  Across all levels it is our desire is to bring cutting-edge training which positions us at the forefront of Christian counselling in the UK.  We continually review and develop our course material to encompass current advancements in counselling, including modules on neuroscience and the latest research on Brain Development, Attachment Theory, Body Work, Trauma and Dissociation.  This, combined with teaching the classical elements of counselling theory and practice, will provide a stimulating and dynamic integrative training which will equip students to further their education and development with confidence.

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