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IN these days God is awakening more and more Jewish people to the realisation of who their true Messiah is: Yeshua, Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jewish nation!

The Lord is also speaking to many Gentile Christians, making them aware of their responsibility toward the people of Israel, and showing them the beauty of the Hebraic foundation of their own faith.

Tree of Life is an expression of that work of God. We are pleased to take this opportunity to explain to you more about the Tree of Life Messianic Fellowship.

Within our Fellowship there are both Jewish and Gentile believers in Jesus. Tree of Life is where we seek to express our oneness in the Messiah. We recognise the need for Jewish believers in Jesus to express their Jewish identity, and for Gentile believers to explore, where appropriate, the riches of the Jewish heritage.

At Tree of Life it is left up to each individual, according to their particular circumstances and maturity, to decide whether it is right for them to belong to a church as well as the Fellowship. We seek to minister to the Lord and to one another.

Those who worship God must do so in Spirit and in Truth: "Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness". We seek to express our love and adoration to the Lord in holiness, joy and the fear of the Lord.

We believe that sound Biblical teaching is a vital and urgent need in the days in which we live. The Word of God must convict, inspire, motivate and empower us. In an age of increasing deception, it is the sole guideline for true believers. There is also an added richness to the Word of God when we approach it from a Jewish perspective.

We seek to live a life of discipleship to the Lord Jesus. We are committed to encourage and admonish one another in a common life in God. We believe in the continual and empowering work of the Holy Spirit and His gifts.

We recognise the infallibility of the Holy Scriptures and seek to live our lives according to their teaching and guidelines.

Our Friday meetings begin with a time of fellowship and refreshment. This is followed by worship with a Jewish flavour, and teaching from a wide variety of speakers. Our time concludes with the taking of Kiddush - a thanksgiving to God for his provision. We also meet to pray regularly, usually in smaller groups, and to break bread together.

Each year we look forward to celebrating the Jewish festivals, to which we take pleasure in inviting our friends and families.


Friday Evening Service:

  • 7.30 pm for 8.00 pm.

Prayer and breaking of bread:

  • 2nd Tuesday in the month at 7.45 pm..



  • Mondays 10.00 am to 2.00 pm.

The MONDAY MESSIANIC CENTRE is closed on Bank Holidays and all of August.



Visit of Aviel Sela from Israel

Monday 15th April

Aviel will be sharing his testimony at Tree of Life Messianic Centre at 12.00 noon.

Friday 19th April

He will be making a Presentation of The Gospel in the Passover during the worship service at 8 pm.