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This programme has one aim: to bring you the stories of believers in Jesus who live in Israel and the West Bank – both Jewish and Arab or Palestini

This week we return to The Gathering, an event that occurred in late 2016 when thousands of Christians from many nations of the world, the majority

Recently, whilst in Jerusalem I visited a large conference called The Gathering where 5,000 Christians had gathered from the nations – many of them

Whilst in Jerusalem recently I met Meno Kalisher. His father was a holocaust survivor, his mother a Jew from Iran.

Whilst in Jerusalem recently, I met Meno Kalisher. He was born in Israel. His father was a holocaust survivor.

Recently, whilst in Jerusalem, I met Nihad Salman who is the pastor of an evangelical church in Bethlehem in the West Bank.

My guest today is Nihad Salman, who lives in Bethlehem in the West Bank where he is the pastor of an Evangelical Church.

Israel is a rich mix of people who have come to live there from all over the world.

Today I’m in Tel Aviv talking to Eli Birnbaum.

Recently whilst in Beersheva, I met Myra from Puerto Rico. I found her working in a Bible book shop.